Simple and Secure Crypto Payments Gateway

Add Nimipay to any website and start accepting cryptocurrency, and indirectly credit card payments, in a simple and privacy-focused way.

Below are the four examples showing different Nimipay use cases.
Try to open a wallet and buy some fortune cookies.
Open My NIM Wallet
<div id="np-wallet" class="np-btn">Open My NIM Wallet</div>

The above code will place a button on your website that will allow the user to open his or her NIM wallet or to create a new one. It also creates a new record in the database, using user's wallet address as the unique identifier for the user's db records.
Fortune Cookie (0.01$)
Add to Cart
<div id="np-add-item" class="np-btn">Add to Cart</div>

When clicked, the item's invoice will be added to the user's wallet where it can be paid for, and then the item received. You can pass custom data for the invoice using data- attributes.
Fortune Cookie (0.02$)
Instant Buy
<div id="np-add-item-instant" data-value="0.02" class="np-btn">Instant Buy</div>

Single invoice, goes straight to the Nimiq checkout screen with the new invoice to pay. Returns invoice data to the backend and shows it in the user's wallet. The data- attributes are optional. In this case, the data-value attribute is used to pass a custom invoice value.
<div id="np-donate">Donate NIM</div>

Opens a simple UI that allows the user to enter a custom donation sum, and then make the payment. It shows a thank you message after the donation has been made. Works without the backend.
Quick Start

Use the following code to initialize Nimipay (~30 kb) on any website.

const nimAddress = 'NQ13 YOUR WALL ETAD DRES S1F9 T4L7 EA13 N7MP';
const nimAddressLabel = 'Your Brand Name';

<script src=""></script>
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

Out of the box, Nimipay works client-side and without the backend. Interactions with the blockchain return data to the website, which then can be passed to the backend. See the source of a lightweight PHP and MySQL backend used on this site.

Nimipay is open source. You can customize it to your individual needs.
Why Nimipay

Nimipay is a service that allows websites to accept payments easily, and with inherent security and privacy. It is a fully working prototype, intended to showcase the quick and simple checkout process based on the Nimiq blockchain.

Nimiq is the only blockchain that is in the browser and requires no installation. Nimiq is Crypto 3.0 - it provides the level of simplicity that can be intuitively grasped by any layman. Anyone can create and secure a Nimiq wallet in seconds. Furthermore, Nimiq is based on the essential cryptocurrency values and principles (security, decentralization, client-side key management, PoS).

Additionally, by giving each user a cryptocurrency wallet, custom solutions can be built on top of Nimipay, e.g. your users can deposit NIM to your website and then withdraw them. You can also pay your users by distributing affiliate earnings, airdrops, bounties, rewards, etc. NIM can be used as a currency in a virtual economy, e.g. in a browser-based game, or attached to the checkout flow in a traditional webshop.

Nimipay is open source and does not charge any fees for the service.

Nimipay is brought to you by Coinwink - the app that will send you a Bitcoin price alert when your defined conditions are met.

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Nimipay v0.1
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